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The Dievryno (“Expand”) project utilizes the existing social structures of the Municipality of Egaleo and promotes the socialization and integration of marginalized groups through the following integrated services and interventions:

  • Social support and promotion of social inclusion.
  • Support for families specifically targeted at adolescents and children.
  • Promotion of socialization through experiential workshops and creative activities.
  • Raising awareness in the wider community with anti-discrimination initiatives.

Project Team

Social Scientists, a Psychologist, a Speech Therapist, a Health Visitor, an Occupational Therapist, a Tutor, an Economist, an Administration Officer, an Informatics Specialist, a Special Educator, an Employment Consultant, a Lawyer, a Publicity Consultant, a Historian, a Professor of Photography and an Intercultural Mediator are the members of the Project Team who guarantee its success.

The Dievryno Project Team consists of a large and specialized interdisciplinary task force, which, thanks to its experience, professionalism, and also the love and respect required for such a project, succeeds in adding extra value to the whole mission.