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Activities and Actions

The Dievryno (“Expand”) project is a complex grid of activities and actions that aspires to change the map in the Municipality of Egaleo, Western Athens and the wider region of Attica. The main actions of the project are the following:

  • Targeted investigation and recording of needs, as well as support, monitoring and integration of socially vulnerable groups at individual and family level by social workers and psychologists.
  • Greek lessons for adult immigrants.
  • Creative activities for children.
  • Supportive teaching for children and adolescents.
  • Individual speech therapy and occupational therapy programs for children.
  • Special education program for children with disabilities.
  • Pedagogical and counseling support for children and adolescents on issues such as school bullying, school stress and interpersonal relationships.
  • Parent counseling group.
  • Individual legal, labor and financial consulting.
  • Experiential seminars: Psyche protection – Baby Care – Breastfeeding.
  • Computer training seminar.
  • Production of digital animation film by a group of teenagers and children.
  • Socialization program for refugee adolescents by participating in the cultural program of the Museum of Asia Minor Culture in Egaleo.
  • Photography group creation for teenagers and children and photo exhibition.

In addition, training seminars in services, agencies, associations and the educational community of the Municipality of Egaleo, come to complete the puzzle of actions, offering opportunities to participants to become familiar with various concepts as well as effectively contribute to the social inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Thematic training seminars:

  • “Management of domestic violence and family crises” – Local police officers.
  • “Combating discrimination in employment” – Employers of local companies.
  • “Management of domestic violence” – “School violence and bullying” – “Peer counseling” – Primary & secondary school teachers.
  • “School violence and bullying” – “Stereotypes, prejudices, racism and children” – Parents.
  • “Management of immigrants” – Officials of the Municipality.